Saturday, April 25, 2020

June Marshall Upside Down Pineapple French Toast

June Bible Pumpkin Bread


Watch our totally off Broadway postings for STIR CRAZY  - the show for those who are trying new recipes during this extended stay at home.  Mining some of the depth of Church family,  picking the brains of our great cooks, having some fun and staying connected - it is what it is.

Here are the rules (totally made these up):

1) We post the recipe (no secret ingredients so it can be duplicated)
2) You go over the recipe AND tell a story
3) ONE TAKE. No editing.  Simple - it is what it is.
4) No bad words!

Bonus -  you get to end with a little Shout-Out

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Watch services without FaceBook on Vimeo

This is still new to us, but we have posted last Sunday's message and each of the Daily Focus messages with music on VIMEO (not unlike YouTube)

You can watch them without FaceBook though they are not live streamed.

Many have been unsuccessful at "googling" the videos, but follow this link

Friday, April 10, 2020

Looking for more resources?

Looking for Easter Sunday message, bulletin readings, DIY Sunrise, etc. Call the church and have it mailed/emailed or sent the way that you prefer to receive it.  Manuscripts are posted on Pastor Stephen's Blog "Still in One Peace" - you will find the button on the Our Leadership page.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Easter Sunday Plans
·         This week we will offer another "Sunday in a Box" with children's Easter activities and helps to tell the story.  Delivered to the door steps of our families with children.
·         A Do-It-Yourself Sunrise Service is available for those that want it for Sunday morning or for a reflection at any point in the week.
·         We will also live-stream the message from Church at 10:30 .m. on FaceBook. 
·         A special opportunity (for those that wish) to meet in the Church parking lot (Fifth Street) and hear the message delivered outside and on your radio.  Any car within 150 feet of our FM Transmitter will hear it over a selected radio channel (probably 88.1).  Remaining in our cars allows for a form of gathering and ensures an 'OK' distance.  Pastor Stephen will be on the Cross/Bell pedestal in the middle along with Maryl McNally bringing special music.
·         Anyone wanting the written version of the Church service (preaching notes and bulletin pieces) mailed/emailed - please let the office know. 

We love this art and the ARTIST

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Some Favorite New Artists!

Blood Drive coming soon!


Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

            As the days seem to blur together because our schedules are disrupted - let's not let Sunday be a blur as well.  It is difficult not to be together to meet as a Church for worship - but things being as they are, here is Sunday in a Box.... a way to practice Sabbath and worship as a family at home.  In particular - this Sunday is Palm Sunday and enclosed are lessons (even crafts and activities) for the day.  As a family, go through the appropriate lessons and thus worship together. Lessons are designed for different age groups - but multiple lessons may be enclosed since you know your children's abilities best. 

            Go to the Church's Face Book page and watch the service.  Live streaming for April 5 at 10:30 a.m.  A simplified service. Some music, children's message, the main message (15 minutes and from the Sanctuary), prayer, then more music.  Woohoo!

·         Checkout the Church's new Face Book page ( and watch a video of the message.  Send us your information to be shared.  Look for important news.
·         Check out the Church's Website too (  Look also for manuscripts, blog posts, Latest News.

Easter Plans
            Next week we will offer another Sunday in a Box with children's Easter activities and helps to tell the story.  We also plan to live-stream the message from Church.  Aside from that, many have asked the question , "Is there a way for us to gather?" We hope to offer the opportunity to meet in the Church parking lot, ensuring an OK distance and staying in our cars, and have the message delivered outside but through your radio.  Using an FM Transmitter, we can be present and hear it over a selected radio channel.  Stay Tuned (bad pun) for more information on this. 

Thank you for your continued stewardship!
            Many have sent in tithes and offerings through the mail and it makes a difference.  On our Church website at the bottom of the Life Together page is a donation button to make direct online donations. And yet others have inquired about Bill Pay. Did you know you can continue to make contributions to the church with just a click of a mouse? Most banks offer a “Bill Pay” service if you are enrolled in online banking. You set up the payee, schedule the amount you want to pay and the date, your bank will send your check directly to the church. Contact your bank for more information.
            Thank you for your faithfulness!